Corporate trip

We will take care of all the formal issues:

  • preparing an estimate of travel cost, ensuring payment deadlines
  • preparation of contracts with subcontractors
  • final settlement with subcontractors

We will translate your vision into a coherent concept and perfect implementation:

  • development of the theme of the trip
  • booking appointments with subcontractors and monitoring timetables
  • drawing up a scenario
  • coordination of the trip

We will provide the best partners and subcontractors:

  • organization of the music setting for the event, professional music compilation, DJ
  • organization of photographic report
  • organization of film report

We will take care of the perfect space:

  • presenting proposals of places to organize trip in accordance with your vision
  • proposing the appropriate setting of the event space as part of the trip
  • the lighting of the space where the event will take place

We will provide matching decorations:

  • selection of the color palette for your event
  • the stage design of the event
  • decorations, flowers in the room
  • Thematic buffets: Candy Bar and Whiskey Bar
  • organization of the stationery, according to the theme and fixed color of the trip: invitations, vignettes, guest table with table plans, menu cards

We will take care of delicious cuisine:

  • selection of menu
  • organization of alcoholic beverages
  • cakes

We will take care of the participants:

  • organization of transfers
  • organization of hotel rooms
  • organization of baby care and activities for kids
  • organization of gifts for the participants
  • organization of attractions during the trip

And above all - we will take care of you:

  • help in choosing clothes
  • make-up organization
  • hairdressers

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